Electronic Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Apla specializes in creating electronic billing solutions for Medical Practices, Healthcare Agencies and Physical Therapy Facilities.

A Better Way to Manage Medical Billing

Apla is designed to save its users time when entering data, improve accuracy when billing, expedite the payment cycle, and increase revenue by avoiding missed opportunities.

Designed to Increase Profit

Our unique and easy to use software provides an efficient exchange of information across the healthcare ecosystem to make getting paid for services easier, faster and more profitable.


  • Secure Data
  • Analytics and Utilization Reports
  • HIPAA and HITEC compliant
  • Mail or Fax Capability
  • Suitable for Private Pay or Insurance Payees
  • Eligibility and Claim Tracking


  • Reduce Time of Data Entry
  • Improve Accuracy of Data
  • Avoid Duplication
  • Avoid Missed Opportunities
  • Get Paid Quicker for Maximum Revenue